ABC 23 News Update 1 1/1/13
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Emergency Home Heating Grants will be available starting Wednesday to struggling families trying to keep warm this winter.  This is the second time the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program has given cash grantds....

Fifteen people left homeless following a fire in Bedford County.  It happened on the 600 Block of South Breezewood Road in East Providence Township.  The owner of the Mountainaire Motel said it was a small roof fire that began Saturday and then rekindled Sunday afternoon....

Prosecutors are still determining whether or not to file charges against a teen who allegedly shot and killed an Altoona boy.  Police are releasing limited information on the December 26th shooting that killed 16 year old Jesse McElhinney.... 

A policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics stresses the importance of School Physicians and Nurses. The say each School District should have a Physician and each School Building a Nurse.