ABC 23 News Update 2 1/15/13
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A fight over a small amount of marijuana turned violent in Johnstown Sunday.  Police say David Haye was held at gunpoint then Haye was arrested for firing shots at the men.  Investigators say two black men stole three dime bags of marijuana from Haye then took off....

The jury has reached a verdict in the case of two men charged with killing another man in Johnstown in 2011.  Marquis Neal has been found guilty of third degree murder.  His accomplice Anthony Harvey who served as a get away driver guilty of manslaughter.... 

Several schools and municipalities in Bedford County may be eligible for help covering the costs of Superstorm Sandy.  The county is included in the major disaster declaration that gives communities the chance to apply for FEMA Grants....

A program in Texas is trying to help people prepare for what used to be unthinkable.  Trainer Pete Hardy of "STW911 Defense" wanted to make sure teachers were trained to become first responders in the wake of Newtown shootings and offered more than 100 teachers from all over Texas the skills and tactics to protect others from the line of fire.