Explosion Victims Now Robbed
The family who fell victim to a devastating house explosion on Kepshire Road last week was targeted again but this time their only belongings that survived the massive blast were taken.  Police say someone broke into their garage stealing thousands worth from inside and leaving the family wondering why?  As if an explosion was not devastating enough, the family was targeted again and the only belongings that survived the blast were stolen.  The Shaner family were robbed of the only belongings that survived the explosion.  If losing their house was not enough many wondering how much more can one family take.  What was once a home leveled to the ground after police say forty year old Bradley Kollar blew up his truck full of explosives into the Shaner's family house injuring forty four year old Bill Shaner and his son Ryan.  Nothing but ashes and rubble cover the property and to top that Devin, Bill�s other son, went into the garage to find a camam and snowmobile missing.