Dr. Gergely Passed Away
Sad news for Johnstown over the weekend as a man well known for his work beautifying the city has passed away.  Dr. Anthony Gergely was 79 years old.  He was bound to a wheelchair for most of his life but he didn't let it slow him down.  Along with his work of restoring Johnstown bridges, Gergely was a former and current candidate running for Mayor.  Dr. Gergely was well known for his work of beautifying the city but he was also a lover of antiques and art.  As a supporter for the venue of merging Arts Community Center in Cambria City he never missed the Saturday night Blues Bands.  The Center's founders said he would even ride his motorized scooter the whole way from Kernville through the rain and snow if he had to and while the century old building isn't handicapped accessible the venue had a special ramp they would put up just for him.