ABC 23 News Update 3 6/14/13
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A former Altoona police officer looking to get out of jail just before he's set to start his sentence.  Duane Eichenlaub wants a judge to reverse his assault conviction which was handed down earlier this year....

A Johnstown man under arrest for threatening four kids Wednesday night.  Johnstown police say Jeffery Minana pulled a handgun on the kids on Park Ave before police were called.  He's facing terroristic threats, harassment and other charges.... 

Leaders in Huntingdon County talking about transportation issues in the area Thursday.  Huntingdon is the only county without full access to a four lane highway and local business leaders say that's hurting the community because businesses don't see the area as a good place to open up shop.  Experts on Transportation were also on the panel discussing a long term solution to the transportation problems....

For the very first time the Cambria County Sewage Enforcement Agency is getting some help from the county.  The agency is usually funded by the municipalities it serves but because most areas already have sewage treatment plants many have started pulling away.  The Commissioners said they think the agency is crucial to smaller rural areas who don't have time or money for sewage projects.  They are helping out so the agency doesn't have to disband.