ABC 23 News Update 3 9/25/13
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A Johnstown man will stand trial accused of holding up a bank in Cambria County back in June.  Investigators say Anthony Poukish stole a pickup truck from Old Conemaugh Boro then used it as an escape vehicle after robbing the First National Bank along Walnut Street.  Police say they were able to track him down after they found his fingerprints on the abandoned truck. Poukish is also awaiting a preliminary hearing on sex assault charges.....

A man accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death is headed to trial.  Demetrius Gibson was led out of court in handcuffs on Tuesday after nearly three months after the Police say he stabbed and killed his girlfriend Elizabeth Miller at the Dollar Carwash in Moxham.  On Tuesday there was emotional testimony that came from the victim's brother who said he was at the couple's Tirehill apartment earlier in the evening and witnessed Miller and Gibson fighting several times.  At one point he said Gibson threatened them both with a knife which prompted them to run out of the door and drive away....  

Some Veterans returning from Afghanistan will be honored and officially welcomed home.  It's called the "Salute to Veterans Dinner" hosted by Veterans Community Initiatives a group that provides services to Veterans in the area.  They help Veterans re-adjust to civilian life and are appreciated not just by those returning service members but also by their families.