East Taylor Fatal Sentencing
Before his sentencing on Wednesday morning, Brian Roles Senior begged the court for mercy and told the Judge quote "if I could trade my son places, I would trade him places."  But the Judge did not buy it.  In fact, he said he did not find Roles honest or sincere saying quote "if I caused the death of my child by bad decisions, I would have wanted to pay."  With thirty prior convictions, the Judge said Roles' life is a history of bad acts, decisions and motivations.  The most recent is contriving and compelling his nephew to lie to a jury to exonerate him.  For that the Judge called Roles a coward.  He then referenced the video of Roles leaving the courtroom after his conviction saying that flipping off the cameras showed his defiance.  Roles' family had no comment after sentencing.  His Defense Attorney was ask if his apology was sincere.