ABC 23 News Update 2 9/27/13
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Hundreds of mink released from a fur farm in Cambria County.  And Officials say  a group on the National Terrorist watch list has claimed responsibility.  Police tracked down the mink to the Royko Mink Farm in Cambria Township.  Just how many mink were let go to the Rykola Mink Farm in Cambria Township and discovered they were intentionally released.  That group is known as the annual liberation front and Officials with the National Fur Commission say it's not their first attack....

A Somerset County woman charged with using a dead man's ATM card.  Police say Karen Logue used the card at a Citizens National Bank MAC machine.  It actually confiscated the card because the bank was alerted that it's owner had died.  The transaction was recorded on surveillance video and Police used it to identify Logue who they tracked down at a local Sheetz.  Investigators also say Logue was using the mans car and took a tv from his home....

A Johnstown resident is trying to bring the moving wall to our area.  Paul Rinker wants to bring the half sized replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC to the region in 2015 or 2016 during Johnstown's Thunder in The Valley event.  The wall has toured the country since 1982 allowing people to experience it when they can't travel to see the full size.