ABC 23 News Update 2 11/21/13
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The non profit charity, Road To Recovery, says it has been helping dozens of people who accused Baker of abusing them in his roles as teacher, coach and athletic trainer.  These pare positions Baker held at Bishop McCort Catholic High School in Johnstown in the nineties.  Luke Bradescu was a freshman at a high school in Ohio.  His mother says she learned of the allegations earlier this year and wants to know who made the call to transfer Baker to Pennsylvania.  She also says she wants people who may have been abused to get the help they need.... 

More now on Johnstown shooting last weekend.  On Wednesday a fifth person is facing drug charges in connection to that incident.  According to a criminal complaint, Destiny Vega was found in an apartment with four other people where the Police say they found drugs.  The Police say she lied to them about the number of people inside her brother's apartment following the shooting along Conway Court in the Prospect homes.  The investigators say Tyshawn Plowden is accused of shooting Ramon Hernandez.  Witnesses led the Police to another apartment where they found Vega, Plowden and three other people with the drugs.