ABC 23 News Update 3 11/21/13
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More now on Johnstown shooting last weekend.  On Wednesday a fifth person is facing drug charges in connection to that incident.  According to a criminal complaint, Destiny Vega was found in an apartment with four other people where the Police say they found drugs.  The Police say she lied to them about the number of people inside her brother's apartment following the shooting along Conway Court in the Prospect homes.  The investigators say Tyshawn Plowden is accused of shooting Ramon Hernandez.  Witnesses led the Police to another apartment where they found Vega, Plowden and three other people with the drugs.

The parent company of Penelec is just days away from locking out more than a hundred unionized workers in our region.  Dozens of Penelec employees were picketing outside of their office in Altoona yesterday.  A Union Council Member said in a phone interview they had issues with pension plans and retiree�s healthcare but First Energy says they made their last, best and final offer on November 6th.  Including a wage increase and shift premiums.  It has yet to bne voted on by members and if a lockout were to go into effect come Monday First Energy says they will have a work continuation plan in place....

A Centre County Vet is raising money to help save the lives of pets with serious injuries.  It�s called the Animals In Need Fund.  Veterinarian Tasha Parks from CP Vets in State College is selling homemade wreaths to raise money for the fund.