ABC 23 News Update 3 1/22/14
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A Beaverdale man was handed a longer sentence than he expected Tuesday morning.  Gregory Conzo pleaded guilty last month to killing his girlfriend's son with a baseball bat in 2012.  A month after claiming self defense and pleading guilty to killing his stepson with a baseball bat Gregory Conzo begged a Judge to mercy saying what happened is something he never intended.  Conzo sobbed loudly in the courtroom Tuesday wiping his eyes with a cloth but showing no real tears as he blamed alcohol use for what he called a horrible accident to a man he ays he considered a son.  Pcolas own family painting a different picture of Conzo as they told the Judge through tears their voices shaking how he made their lives a living nightmare.  Putting them through verbal, emotional and physical abuse they say was always blamed on them....

New details on the circumstances surrounding the death of a Penn State student on November.  Conor Macmannis dies November 16th  when Police say the 20 year old jumped off a ninth floor balcony at Penn Tower.  The Centre County Coroner released the findings of a toxicology report confirming what Police suspected.  That Macmannis had a dangerous combination of synthetic LSD and marijuana in his system when he took his clothes off and jumped....

Governor Corbett is introducing a State Energy Resource Book that emphasizes the strength of Pennsylvania's Energy Industries.  Corbett released the book at Pennsylvania College of Technology saying the guide will give business and Government Officials a concise look at the State's resources and programs.  He says it will show businesses the advantages of doing business here....

Cambria County has now created a prescription drop off for you to get rid of old medicines in a safe way.  Local Police Departments used to hold special events to drop off meds but now there will be a drop box inside the Cambria County Courthouse and another at the Richland Police Station where you can dispose of unwanted or expired prescriptions.  Officials say thousands of children and adults abuse prescription drugs and this is one way to help prevent that.  You can drop off prescriptions over the counter medication and liquids.  In addition you can also drop off illegal drugs.  For instance,  you found marijuana in your teenagers room you can drop it off.  You can not drop off any medication that needs to be injected and you can not dispose of needles.