New Details In Centre County Murder
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New details in a Centre County murder case, as the victim's wife tells police she met the accused shooter -- about a month before the murder.
New search warrants show Mirinda Boob, the wife of murder victim Samuel Boob, met accused triggerman; Ronald Heichel, about two to four weeks before Heichel is accused of killing Samuel Boob at the Boob family home in Tusseyville. The wife says Heichel was at their property to install a pond, and offered to rough up Samuel Boob when she told Heichel that her husband would sometimes slap her around. She also admits exchanging at least one text message with the accused gunman-on the day of the murder, August 23rd. Heichel was arrested last week at the Grange Fair, where he was operating amusement rides and after being identified by Mirinda Boob. He's accused of murder; Mirinda Boob is accused of conspiracy to commit murder.
Preliminary hearings for both suspects were continued Wednesday until next week. Police also continue to search for the 12-gauge shotgun they believe Heichel used to kill Samuel Boob.