Cambria County Burglary
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We were there early this morning as the first arrests were made in a string of break ins throughout Cambria County.  We were told last week about at least ten homes in the south fork area were broken into with cash and valuables taken.  Tonight police have expended their efforts.  They say their investigation has led them to other areas of Cambria County, which is helping them tie up loose ends on unsolved cases.  There have been at least ten homes burglarized in South Fork over the past few weeks.  Early Thursday morning police made their first break in the case by arresting Lacy Altschuh and Lawrence Morrison.  Police say the duo was involved in at least one burglary on November 14th.  Police say they tracked the duo down by a stolen ring.  Police say Altschuh gave the ring to Morrison who was then caught on camera selling it to a jeweler in Richland Township.  But police say Morrison also hit a home in Lower Yoder Township back in October while the homeowner was inside sleeping.  The tips police got led them to believe their investigation is far from over.