Kristlund Camp
There are more details now on a fire that broke out at a campsite in Centre County.  We have learned the blaze I now the subject of a court suits.  The operators are seeking thousands of dollars in damages.  This past February, a fire at the Krislund Camp and Conference Center in rural Centre County destroys one of the camp's main lodges.  It was left in ruins and ashes.  Krislund hosts many religious encampments along with other groups.  On the weekend of February 10th, eighty people from the State College Presbyterian Church were staying the weekend according to a new civil suit filed by Krislund's Insurance Company.  It states about a dozen of the students went to a lodge and started a fire when they were done they took the ashes outside and put them on a snow covered woodpile.  According to the suit the ashes ignited and burned down Wahst known as the lower lodge.  Krislund is seeking at least thirty thousand dollars in damages.